semvice group ltd.

We create devices that help make your life comfortable and safe

Semviсe is an Estonian startup developer of breathalyzers.

Our flagship product is a smart battery-free breathalyzer that often comes to help during parties, corporate events, social gatherings and just on Friday nights.

The manufacturing site of our products is located in Estonia, our homeland. Thus, we are able to control the creation and testing of alsen without wasting time on frequent travels, which allows us to speed up the release of the product and its new lines to the market.

In the future, we are planning to create measuring devices and sensors for other areas using the experience of working with alsen.

Our goal is to make human life safe and comfortable with the Alsen smart breathalyzer.

The health of our customers is our unconditional priority, which is why we carefully handle feedback from each Alsen user in order to continuously improve the product.

Alsen has been tested for 2 years — regardless of the high performance achieved, we do not stop and continue to upgrade our device.