Alsen app

Alsen App is an Alsen smart breathalyzer app developed for iOS and Android smartphones

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The gadget connected to your smartphone operates via the Alsen App — upon testing, all the necessary information is displayed on the screen in the form of a readily understandable flow chart.

A few seconds after the measurement, the following information will be displayed on your smartphone screen will display:

be driving. be safe

check your soberness before start driving the car

How to use the alsen app

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Install the app by downloading it from App Store or Google Play and sign up.

Connect the Alsen breathalyzer to your smartphone. If the blue LED is on, the device operates properly.

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Hold the breathalyzer at a distance of 2 cm from your lips, have your mouth open in an ‘O’ shape and blow evenly into the device for 5 seconds.

Upon testing, the results are displayed on the screen in the form of a readily understandable flow chart.

For more accurate readings, stop using alcohol or smoking 30 minutes and 15 minutes before the test, respectively.

After using, wipe Alsen with a soft cloth.

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Good to know!

Alsen is not a waterproof device — prevent it from getting wet or going under water.

The breathalyzer is only compatible with the Alsen App.

Alsen is designed to make your life safe and comfortable — device readings cannot serve as evidence in legal proceedings.

Alsen is compatible with OTG devices with Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning input ports.

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Alsen is compatible with OTG devices that have Micro USB, USB-C, or Lightning input connector.

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